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Security Technology

Online transaction processing

Introduction: OLTP or online transaction processing is the managing and facilitation of transaction-oriented applications using information systems. Two different meanings might imply to the term “transaction”: it refers to atomic change of state in the realm database transactions/computers, however it can also refer to exchange of economic entities in the business or finance realm. First […]



Computers viruses, spyware, ransomware, adware, worms, scareware, rogue software and, Troganhorse are different malware variants which intentionally damage or sabotage computers or servers. By embedding itself in other executable programs without the user’s awareness, computer malware spreads when the infected software is executed. Malware act against a user’s or networks intention and gain unauthorized access […]



Causing psychological, physical or financial harm to a nation or person’s financial health and security using a network and computer, is known as cyber-oriented warfare or cybercrime. It includes financial theft, espionage and cyberwarfare cross border, evoking a nation-wide security response. A 2014 report stated that annually $445 billion worth of damage caused to global […]

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