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Introduction: Web crawler also referred to as spider bots, or spider, or simple crawler is an internet bot that performs web indexing by browsing the internet. Web content is updated through spidering software or web crawling by Web Search Engines. To promote a user’s search efficiency, pages are copied by web crawlers which are later […]


Starting technical SEO

How do you get started with technical SEO? Technical SEO involves improving a website’s non-content parts. These are the background elements of a website which are not visible to the users (This affects user experience). Technical SEO is concerned with working aspects of website, and protocols which search engines use to index and crawl pages. […]


Social media marketing

INTRODUCTION The promotion of services or products using social media websites and platforms is termed as Social media marketing. It is also referred to as digital marketing and e-marketing by researchers and experts. The ad campaigns success, progress and progress on social media can be tracked using analytic tools. With the use of social media […]


SEO Keyword Research

How do you research keywords? Keyword research is an integral part of SEO. Whenever we perform a search, we type a keyword (usually made of more than one word) in the search engine that generates results. Having an idea about the information the user is searching for gives site owners a very powerful advantage. This […]


On-page SEO techniques

Out of all the SEO techniques, on-page optimization is the one we have most control over. On-page SEO makes webpages more relevant to search queries, which ultimately generates more traffic. This strategy involves helping users find content relevant to their issue. Hence the efforts should focus on making content as helpful and relevant as possible. […]


Intro to SEO tools

Websites are necessary for running a business. Companies launch their sites, waiting to welcome customers. But, if the website never pops-up, how can the customers know about the services offered by the company? For this particular reason, marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve a websites ranking and generate traffic which later on converts […]


Content writing

Bill Gates back in 1996 claimed that “content is king.” It is still considered true. Successful marketing campaigns provide relevant and quality content to the customers. Hubspot survey claimed that, almost 70% marketers make use of content writing in their marketing campaigns. However the marketers do not create the content themselves. Reports claim that, a […]


Web Search Engine

Introduction: An internet search engine or web search engine is a software system which is used to perform internet search (web search). Search engine crawl the internet for specific information relevant to the textual query placed in the web search. Search engine results pages (SERPs) refer to the line of results which are displayed in […]

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