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What is Quality Content in the digital age?

Everybody wants to get more traffic and views on their website. But how do you do that?

The experts give a clear answer: “Make quality content.”


One problem.

How do you create “quality content”?

Get you definition of “Quality Content” Straight

A lot of people in the marketing industry fail to understand what quality content means by definition.

There are two types of marketers out there.

The first type of marketers complain: “I created high-quality content, It’s not getting tons of social shares and No 1 ranking on Google.”

Well, the reason it’s not getting ranked is simple.

Because a marketer’s definition of “quality content” is the content they have either created or helped to create.

We are all biased and we think our content is gold- even though its crap.

The ultimate judge of your content is your audience. Not you, not the search engines, not the social media networks.

When asked about what defines quality content from the second group of marketers, they start naming numerous features.

One mistake.

Attributes do not define Quality Content!

Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) in the movie “Moneyball” is frustrated in a meeting, where his scouts talk about adding a  free agents to the A’s lineup.

The scouts used athleticism, speed, and size as benchmarks for defining a good player. They spoke highly of a player because of his good face, good jaw and negatively about another player with an ugly girlfriend.

Beane asked his scouts a question: “Can he hit?”

After being told that the player has a “beautiful swing” and makes a lot of “pop” when he connects, Beane asked.

“If he’s a good hitter, why doesn’t he hit good?”

Beane realized that the scouts were talking “good body nonsense” like selling jeans instead of making an effort to assemble a good baseball team.

Content marketers are no different. We have been defining content quality as a series of aesthetic and technical attributes- how the content is formatted and structured.

We tried to define great content as something that is:

  • Actionable.
  • Findable.
  • Memorable.
  • Quotable.
  • Readable.
  • Shareable.
  • Usable.

These are all important. However, sometimes even all eight of these attributes do not make content successful.

Individuals, brands, and businesses are creating large amount of content. But only a few are successful.

So the next important question becomes: “If the content created is of high quality, why is it not successful?”

If the content is not successful, does it even matter if it contains x number of words, perfect grammar and spelling, and several quality images?


Success defines a quality content

Successful content is quality content. Quality content achieves a target (e.g., it drives traffic, engagement, conversion, or Google search ranking).

What you get out of your content is what matter, not the money or time spent on creating it.

Consider a baseball team. It’s missing a hitter. Will the player be selected based on his height or looks? Or if he gives a good interview? Or maybe because of his social media following?

Definitely not! The team wants good hits, runs, and wins!

Only performance counts. So you look at the stats like number of matches played, scores, hits, wins, on-base percentages, etc.

Baseball players come in all sizes and shapes. Same can be said for quality content.

Create a different mindset about quality content

Creative people argue that content creation is an art itself and not just some numbers games.

They argue: “If content creation were just a science, then anybody could simply create quality content. Experience matters! Intuition matters! There are just certain intangibles that only creative content people can understand.”

Time for the truth:

No one can predict the success of content. No one has a crystal ball. No a single person can claim with certainty, even based on their previous experience and intuition about the future success of a content they have created or have helped to create.

If you can’t predict success what is left to do?

Playing the Numbers Game!

By this I mean that create and market several ideas to find you quality idea because you are playing numbers games where things are decided by chance.

Quality content is very rare. Very little content has good engagement online, better SEO and PPC, and crazy conversions.

If you create content that by some chance gets result, promote it on various channels. This will amplify the result by 100 times.

Do the following:

  • Create new blog posts similar to the topic.
  • Promote the content using social media ads.
  • Create good images and videos for the content
  • Generate leads through webinars about the topic.

Don’t promote crap! It won’t convert no matter how much effort you put into it. So stop wasting your effort, time, and money. Instead focus on your good content and keep on creating new content to find the next good one.

The odds are against you in content marketing game. So start playing the numbers game to turn odds in your favor.

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