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Social media marketing


The promotion of services or products using social media websites and platforms is termed as Social media marketing. It is also referred to as digital marketing and e-marketing by researchers and experts. The ad campaigns success, progress and progress on social media can be tracked using analytic tools. With the use of social media marketing, companies and businesses can address customers, journalists, employees, bloggers and general public. Using social media platforms, companies can use online comments, product reviews to devise future strategies and marketing campaigns for their businesses. 


Through social media platforms companies, businesses and individuals can interact and build relationships with each other online. Companies can interact with the consumers directly through these social channels, which is not possible through traditional advertising and marketing approaches. The internet has now given every user “a voice” the ability to share his/her opinion and thoughts with millions of people all across the world. Now companies can customize their services or products, grow number of consumers and influence peoples buying behavior using social media. On social media sites, a quite frequent occurring is the “retweet” or commenting by followers on a product promotion on blogs and social networking sites. This allows companies to get more traffic on their blogs and websites. Online communities on social media allow consumers to express their interests, issues and values. Based on the information social media connects these consumers with the service providers who share the same interests, issues and values, by keeping in touch with their followers on the social networking platform. A feeling of mutual trust and loyalty is established between the business and customers. By following certain people and business pages of these sites, selected potential customers are targeted for the product marketing. A client’s interest about a specific product or service is available on these social networking platforms. Marketers can track the current market trend by analyzing the questions, reviews and content posted by user on the internet. By understanding the market trend, businesses can target their relative audience, potential customers and run specific targeted ad-campaigns. More than 80% businesses use social media for promoting their businesses and sales. Through the use of social media marketing, businesses have increased their revenues up to 133%. Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace are some of the important social media platforms.


Over 3 billion people are active users of internet worldwide.  The internet use has gained tremendous increase since 2000 till present. It is estimated that more than 80% of people in US frequently use at least one social media website on a regular basis. Mobile phone has provided users quick and easy access to internet facilities. E-commerce and especially online retailing has gained a tremendous popularity during the recent years as consumers can easily review and makes purchases through their mobile phone and electronic devices. Consumers are constantly updated with latest information regarding a company’s product/services. Marketers use QR codes, which are provided with certain products, to allow customers to use their phones and access the company service or website. The QR codes allows businesses to connect with their customers. All in all mobile phones and electronic devices have paved a way for making internet available to everyone driving the trends in social media marketing we see today.

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