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Intro to SEO tools

Websites are necessary for running a business. Companies launch their sites, waiting to welcome customers. But, if the website never pops-up, how can the customers know about the services offered by the company? For this particular reason, marketers use search engine optimization (SEO) to improve a websites ranking and generate traffic which later on converts into potential sale.  Organic traffic is considered the lifeblood of websites.

How search engines work:

SEO is complicated and is a permanent component of online marketing strategies. Many website owners do not invest in SEO – this gives one competitive advantage to stay ahead of the competition. One doesn’t need to be a computer expert to try out these ideas. 

Monitoring SEO impact:

First of all, the website has to be setup for SEO to earn traffic. We can use some free search engine tools to optimize our website. We can get the current and future progress stats through these tools.

 SEO can be performed through numerous tools, and choosing the right tool for the right situation is a daunting task even for SEO experts. However, the tools described below are essential for every campaign:

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is free software that tracks how many people visit a website and the actions they perform on the website. It tracks sale, content audience find interesting, and the way by which they find the content. Google Analytics does require technical expertise, but on popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, it is easy to setup.

Google Search Console (GSC):

Google provide free tools which can give information about the number of times it crawls a website, what it makes of the site, and the problems with the site. By using Google Search Console, a site’s performance can be optimized in search results. 

To get started, the admin or owner of a site has to prove the ownership by adding a meta tag to the homepage’s HTML code, uploading file on the server or through Google Tag Manager setup or Google Analytics. It gathers data, and provides possible solutions. Search Console allow Google to understand the content, identify queries which drive traffic (also the frequency with which people click on the site in search result), identify spam issues, and many more. Search Console can greatly improve results.

Bing Webmaster Tools:

Google by far, is the most widely used search engine in the world, but still, other search engines like Microsoft also perform millions of searches. Understanding their opinion about a site is another way to improve SEO. These other search engines also have their own free tools like Bing Webmaster Tools. The ideas and solutions generated by these Search Consoles can also improve the website. These provide SEO reports and an SEO Analyzer provides useful recommendations. Similar to other Search Consoles, the site is verified and registered.

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