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Content writing

Bill Gates back in 1996 claimed that “content is king.” It is still considered true. Successful marketing campaigns provide relevant and quality content to the customers. Hubspot survey claimed that, almost 70% marketers make use of content writing in their marketing campaigns. However the marketers do not create the content themselves. Reports claim that, a majority of content creating is outsourced by B2B marketers to freelance content writers. This provides perfect opportunities to inexperienced and new freelancers to find work online


Content marketing allows brand and companies to promote and sell services, and products by writing and providing content that is valuable and relevant to the customers. Marketing strategies involve using visual or written content like blog post, infographics, videos and articles to promote a brand’s image. This builds trust and increases customer loyalty, which ultimately increases the sales of the company. Quality content is well-researched, well-written information which can grab a customer’s attention and keep him hooked while converting it into a sale at the same time.

Content writer responsibilities:

Content is just information both visual and written, which aims at sharing knowledge to a specific audience, such as potential or current customers, employees, customers, or other stakeholders. High-quality content is not just some random information and is very target oriented. Good quality content provides necessary value to the targeted audience and provides value addition to them.

Necessary skills of a content writer:

Content writers should be all-rounder. However it is better to be an expert in the client’s niche or company. The following skills are necessary to be a successful content writer:

  • Versatility
  • Good grammar and writing style
  • Time management for quick delivery and meeting deadline
  • Good research skills
  • Creativity

Pure writing ability is not enough for a content writer. Writing speed, creativity, research skill and knowledge about the consumer demand are also necessary.. Learning these skill sets is not impossible but they do require time and effort along with regular practice to master them all and become a specialist in the chosen field.

How to start content writing:

Freelance marketplace or freelance job board is the easiest way for a website content writing to find work and provide content writing services.

Freelance Job Board:

Content writers have their own “help wanted” classified ads known as freelance job boards.  On these sites, writing jobs are posted by clients and writers apply for them- by sending samples and resumes or filling out application form. Beginners find it difficult to get hired on these posted jobs because these jobs often require published work, professional experience, or relevant specialization in the field.

Content writing service:

Content writing services establish business relation between content writers and companies that require written content. Content writing services first require an application to be filled. They further require written samples or writing tests. Content writing services act as interface between writers and clients. Whenever an opportunity arises, writers are contacted.

Freelance Marketplace:

Writers can create profiles, set rates and search for projects and jobs posted by the clients. The clients choose and hire a writer after viewing the profile and the rates offered. To stay ahead of the competition on freelance marketplaces, it is necessary to regularly update the profile.

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