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Web content writer or Website content writer is someone who provides content for website. To get business, every website needs content that is relevant to its audience. Keywords (terms by which a user search for products or services on a search engine) must be included in the content to improve the SEO of a website. SEO Content Writer refers to a website content writer who is skilled in SEO.

Content is mostly written for marketing a particular service or product, though there can be exceptions. Some sites don’t provide services or products and are only informational, like a blog or new site. Websites for informational purposes are designed to educate user with easy understandable information.

Job of content writers:

The demand for written content on the internet has increased significantly. Online businesses generate higher revenues by providing quality content to their audiences. Content writer performs various tasks for managers and website owners, such as:

  • Write compelling, unique, and useful content about a particular topic for the online reader and not for the engine.
  • Write content which the online reader can get access to in a user-friendly manner, very effectively and quickly.
  • Write, develop content for the business.
  • Write SEO focused content. The content written must include the relevant phrases or keywords which users type in web searches, for higher search engine ranking and indexing.
  • Write, copy or edit content to sell or promote the company, service, or product on the internet.
  • Write engaging content to hold the reader’s attention and keep them hooked on the website. This way these audiences can be converted into potential customers or clients.
  • Generate or edit keywords, and research the current keyword limitations.

Search-ability and relevance are the goals of website content writing. Relevance means that website text must be beneficial and useful to readers. Search-ability means using specific keywords to aid web search engines direct the users to sites that contain the content they are interested in.

Various websites get the content they require by outsourcing the content writing. This approach is risky because many writers can write web specific content. Website content is of various forms and each has a specific function. Following are some popular content writing forms:

  • Blogging
  • Social media promotion and marketing
  • White paper writing
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional emails
  • e-books
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Other content for online or offline marketing purposes

Content on different websites vary depending on the services or products offered by the website owner.

Online writing vs. print writing:

Writing online content is very different from writing and composing content for printed media. Web users don’t read text but instead scan it, skipping unnecessary content and search for information they thing is relevant to their interest. 79% of web users are said to scan web content. Scanning online takes 25% longer time than scanning printed content. Content writers must know when and how to use headlines and paragraphs containing relevant keywords for SEO, and to ensure that the composition of text is clear, to reach their target audience. The writer must create engaging content that addresses the needs of web users.

Content writing provider:

Website content writing is often outsources to individual content writers or for complex or larger projects, to specialized digital marketing agency. A skilled content writing has knowledge about digital marketing with emphasis on SEO, Social Media Optimization, and Pay Per Click etc. so that the content will help the company or client to market their service or product easily.

Digital marketing agencies combine copy-writing with various editorial and associated services, such as message consulting, social media, brand positioning, copy and developmental editing, brand positioning, design, proofreading, content syndication, layout, SEO consultation and fact checking.

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