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How do you earn links?

If one does on-page SEO and improves the technical elements of a website, then the next part is building links. The links earned are a crucial part of SEO campaign. Why links are crucial? 

  1. Links build connections on the internet, by providing means to move between sites. 
  2. A site’s link works as a citation, which search engine recognizes as sign of authority. Different websites build links in different ways. Old tactics do not work because of Google’s crack-down on creating spam links. Link-building helps in marketing- PR and promotion. The following tactics can be tried:

1. Searching out who is linking to your site:

For starters, one should have a sense about the current link profile of a website. If the domain of the site is new, the chances of finding multiple links are very slim.

Search Console provides a report called “Links to your site” that show the domains linking to the site. Have a quick look- see if everything is O.K. If something is undesirable, than take recommended action. For further investigation about sites stats, backlink tools are available.

2. Observe your competitors’ backlinks:

To increase a site’s ranking, or to copy some good ideas, look at your competitors. By observing the number of links they earned, and the way they were acquired, you can replicate their results, plus you will get insight for new ideas.

You can get a rough estimate about the quantity of links needed to compete and stay ahead. To find out the competitors’ links, search out their best URLs in Google using the link command. There are numerous backlink tools which are used to search the most popular links. Tool like Open Link Profiler provide large amount of free useful data.

3. Design your assets:

One of the best strategies to earn links is to create quality content for the audience. We have all seen content – that is informative and entertaining at the same time, without being the focus product of a site.

There are many potential resources at our disposal which our audience would like. If not, search them out. What type of content would add value to the potential audience? It is easier to earn links once you create quality content.

4. Design a link-earning strategy:

After looking at both yours and your competitor’s links, it’s time to build your own profile. Set up a goal and devise a strategy which is aligned with your marketing focus.

Take some time to figure out where your target audience spends their time online, so the content that you create will be appealing to them in a format they desire.  Building links does not happen overnight, and you don’t get instantaneous results.

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