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Copywriting refers to the occupation of creating copy or sales copy for the purpose of marketing or advertising. Copy is written to promote brand awareness and persuade readers to take action. Copywriter create brochures, billboards, catalogs, direct mail, magazines, jingle lyrics, newspaper advertisement and sales letters, scripts for radio or TV commercials, social media posts, taglines, whitepapers, and various forms of marketing communications.


Copywriters are hired by advertising agencies, marketing departments, copywriting agencies, public relations firms. Some copywriters are self-employed as freelancer, and offer their writing services on freelancing platforms (like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, Peopleperhour etc.) to clients ranging from small to large companies.

  • Advertising agencies employ copywriters and partner them with creative director or art director. The copywriter creates script or copy for an ad, based on the information provided by the client. The visual aspects of the ad are selected by the art director, and he/she may oversee production in case of print work. One of the team members develops the overall concept or ideas, which is further improved and refine by collaboration between the team members.
  • Copywriting agencies combine copywriting with various associated and editorial services which include messaging and positioning consulting, page layout, social media, speechwriting, search engine optimization, fact checking, development, proofreading, and copy editing. Some agencies hire in-house copywriters, other hire freelancers or external contractors.

Copywriters are hired by book publishers, retail chains, or other large advertising firms. They are also hired to write advertorials for broadcasters, newspapers, and magazines. Copywriters also work as freelancers or independent contractors, writing content for various clients and agencies. They may work at a coworking office, a client’s office, coffeehouse, or remotely from home.


Copywriters usually own a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or English Literature. This still holds true for in-house copywriters. However, copywriting is a skill and can be learned from mentors or taking copywriting courses.  While hiring a freelance copywriter, clients award project after accessing a writer’s written samples rather than copywriting credentials.

Income of Copywriters:

In 2018, the annual median salary of authors and writers is reported to be $62,170, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report. In 2019, the average salary of a copywriter is between the ranges of $35,000-$73,000 as reported by PayScale.com.



The internet has increased opportunities for copywriters, as the demand for landing pages and quality web content has increased. Written content is increasingly in demand for various niches, like online advertisements, social media, blogs, emails, and other forms of electronic communication. Writer can craft their writing skills, view other peoples work, and do research. Freelancing is a very attractive job opportunity for many writers, as they can easily find clients, art director, copywriters and each other online. Different websites have made freelance writing much more organized and simple.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It is always better for a content to rank high on search engines, so that the website can get more traffic and larger number of users can be converted into potential customers. This requires careful repetition and placement of phrases and keywords on web pages, but writing and organizing content in a manner that reader consider normal.

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